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Golden Globe – Winners

Posted by Deltanz on January 22, 2009

I know, I know I’m too late, but I was on vacation, so, for those who haven’t already seen the results of Golden Globe 2008, it’s now available here! I’m just glad about Anna Paquin, best actress for True Blood!


Best Motion Picture – Drama Best Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy
Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture – Drama Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture – Drama
Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy
Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role in a Motion Picture Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in a Motion Picture
Best Director – Motion Picture Best Screenplay – Motion Picture
Best Original Song – Motion Picture Best Original Score – Motion Picture
Best Foreign Language Film Best Animated Feature Film


Best Television Series – Drama Best Television Series – Musical or Comedy
Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series – Drama Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series – Drama
Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series – Musical or Comedy Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series – Musical or Comedy
Best Mini-Series or TV Film
Best Performance by an Actor in a Mini-Series or TV Film Best Performance by an Actress in a Mini-Series or TV Film
Best Supporting Actor in a Series, Mini-Series or TV Film Best Supporting Actress in a Series, Mini-Series or TV Film

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Lost – Season 5 has come

Posted by Deltanz on January 22, 2009

The second season of The Detective will be available in February, but meanwhile, you can spend your time watching LOST! The fifth season has just started yesterday, January 21st!

Both episodes “Because you left” and “The lie” were aired yesterday, and I can’t wait to watch them! If you, like me, haven’t had the opportunity of watching it yet, check the sneak peeks available on YouTube!

But watch out! Many of them have some spoil! This one is ok:

Enjoy it!

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New Age – Bye Bye Bush

Posted by Deltanz on January 22, 2009

And I’m back from my vacation!

I was working a lot during the last twenty days, I was really busy these days, actually I’m still busy, but I feel I have to post and to comment here my happiness! George W. Bush is not the North American president anymore! Time to celebrate!!

The well-known Brazilian journalist Arnado Jabour has stated today: “The XXI Century is beginning now!”, arguing that the world has stopped or even came back in time during the last eight years of the so called Bush doctrine of war. We have to agree with him. But the dumb supremacy seems to be over!

Bye, bye, Bush!


The image is from the site Bush Bye Bye Party, that organized many parties on January 19th, Bush’s last day at the White House! Very nice!

Be welcome, Barack Obama, and good luck!

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Happy New Year

Posted by Deltanz on January 1, 2009

This post has the only purpose of wishing all of you a great new year!

Let’s build a nice and peaceful 2009!

London Fireworks during new year’s celebration. Image from Wikipedia.

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The Detective #13 – The Party

Posted by Deltanz on December 29, 2008


At night, Peter appeared early at Scott’s party. The host himself welcomed Peter in front of the house:

– Hey, man, you’re friend of Joseph’s, aren’t you?

– Yeah, you’re Scott, right?

– Yep, be welcome! – Said Scott, I think your friends are in the leaving room!

– Thanks! – Said Peter, entering the house and going to the leaving room where he found Jane, Bill and Beatrice.

– Hey, Peter! – Said Beatrice.

– Hi! – Said Peter, uncomfortable. – Where are the others?

– I don’t know… – Said Jane. – I just know that Alice has just arrived!

Peter turned around and saw Alice reaching the living room. She was a new student in their classroom, as well as Bill, but she was not foreigner, she had studied geography during one year and decided to change. As well as Bill, she usually was alone, writing her papers and studying by herself.

– Hi, Alice! – Said Peter. – Is there anyone upstairs?

– I don’t think so! – Answered Bill.

– Great! – Peter said, walking up the stairs, as the others looked at him, confused. Peter did not have any time by himself to think about David and the gun and now he had to deal with the stranger that invaded Tina’s house. He could not get out of his mind the idea that those events were related to Nancy’s death. Some minutes later, Peter walked down the stairs and noticed that Scott’s place was crowded and Jane, Bill, Beatrice and Alice were not in the living room anymore. Peter walked around the house and the first known person he met was David, entering the house.

– Hi, Peter! – Said David.

– Hi! – Peter answered seriously, he thought about their first semester at the university, when David had the idea of creating a committee for the students to organize their parties, taking decisions for the whole class also concerning academic issues. When they decided to vote for a leader of the committee, Peter won, to David frustration, and although Peter agreed to listen to everybody’s opinion, David chose to stay away from him and from the entire group.

– Enjoying the party, Peter? – Asked David.

– Not anymore! – Peter replied. – Are you shooting a movie, David?

– Yes, I am. – Said David, surprised.

– Nice to know… – Said Peter, but he was interrupted by Monica, who came from the kitchen.

– Hey, David, about time! – She said. – Aren’t you going to eat?

– I have already eaten. – David responded and left.

– Have you seen Diego? – Asked Monica.

– I think he is busy, talking to Alice upstairs! – Said Peter. Monica ran up the stairs immediately.

A few minutes later, Peter saw Beatrice talking to Karl at Scott’s backyard; Joseph and Scott itself were close to them. Joseph came and passed by Peter’s side:

– Beatrice seemed upset; she bets you’ve been hiding something! – Joseph said, as he passed.

Peter did not understand that, as far as he knew, Joseph was not supposed to know anything more than Beatrice concerning Nancy’s death, why would he say that?

– How do you know about Nancy? – Asked Peter.

– Who said I was talking about Nancy? – Questioned Joseph, already leaving.

Peter was too confused, and the fact that his cell phone rang did not help it:

– Hello? – He answered.

– Hi, Peter, it’s Robert!

– What’s up? – Asked Peter. He was able to listen to somebody crying on the phone.

– It’s was Tina. They called from St. James Hospital. They found her lying on the street!

– God, what happened, Robert, is Leah ok?

– Yeah, she is here. Well, they don’t know, it seemed Tina was poisoned!

– Oh, no! I’m… I’m going straight to the hospital! See you there! – Said Peter, turning off the phone.

As soon as Peter left Scott’s house, he saw somebody hiding among trees, a guy who looked like Mathew. So Peter thought he should talk to him quickly about Nancy’s bank account. As he walked to the trees, he noticed Jane and Daniel discussing, but then he missed the person among the trees. When Peter reached the place, he did not find Mathew or anybody else, but suddenly he felt a strong pain on his head. Somebody knocked Peter out and he fell on the floor, unconscious.

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Posted by Deltanz on December 29, 2008

One of the best American TV show that was ever created, that’s the definition of Friends. The comedy of Rachel, Ross, Monica, Chandler, Joey and Phoebe.

The story of six friends shown in the funniest way! People became addicted to that sitcom, to their friendship, to Central Perk, to the characters’ lives in New York City. During 10 years and 236 episodes we have followed Rachel’s steps, since she left her fiancé at the altar and ended up at Monica’s apartment. Of course, we seen that Ross also left his lesbian pregnant wife and we found out he always been in love with Rachel, since they were at high school. We’ve followed Joey’s soap operas and Chandler’s relationship with Janice, till he ended up with Monica. But who can forget Phoebe? The zen character with a gay husband, a bad twin sister and the most amazing song ever played! Smelly Cat was a huge success!

So, I have selected two very nice scenes from the show, for us to remember…

Oh, how I miss them!

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The Detective #12 – The Conflicts

Posted by Deltanz on December 27, 2008

Peter was leaving the university still thinking about Professor Thompson and the gun he lent Daniel. Next to the campus Peter saw a group of students drinking at Mellany’s: Karl, Bill, Jane, Alice together with Joseph, Scott and other people from engineering school. For a moment, Peter thought that scene quite awkward. They seemed to be celebrating, even with all the problems caused by Nancy’s murderer two days ago. Maybe they were that calm because Nancy’s body was not buried in their backyard. That was when Peter’s cell phone rang, it was Leah:

– Hi, Peter, thanks for answering! It’s Leah here!

– Hey, Leah, what’s up?

– Oh, Peter, I didn’t want to bother you, but you’re the only friend of Tina’s I know…

– That’s ok, Leah!

– I couldn’t get in touch with Tina, and I’m afraid, because there was someone here…

And Leah told Peter everything that happened that morning at her house. Peter listened to her and ran straight to her place.

Meanwhile, Beatrice, already at her house, decided to call Daniel.

– Hey, Dan, how are you?

– I’m fine, I’m in my new place now!

– Oh, nice! You’ve moved! But what about Mathew?

– Oh, I don’t know about him, and I don’t wanna know!

– Ok, sorry…

– That’s ok, but what about you, Beatrice?

– Oh, I’m ok… Actually I’ve noticed you’ve changed these days!

– What do you mean?

– I don’t know, and I’m not talking about you, but also about Peter, Tina…

– They seem normal to me… Are you going to Scott’s…?

– Oh, Daniel! Please! What are you hiding from me?

– Well, we’ll talk later, see you! – And Daniel just turned off.

Monica, on the other side of the neighborhood, just had lunch and went to Diego’s building. Diego was knocking at Nancy’s door, in vain, since nobody answered, so he wrote a note and put it inside Nancy’s apartment under her door. He was coming back to his apartment when Monica appeared in the aisle:

– Diego! I need to talk to you!

– Monica, please!

– What? Why are you running away from me again?

– You’re insane, Monica! I ain’t running away from anyone!

– Of course, you’re running to Nancy!

– God, stop it! We are at the end of the year, we have many exams and papers to write, I’ve been busy! – Said Diego, irritated.

– So, that’s your explanation! Perfect and simple!

– Yeah, Monica, that’s my explanation! Now, excuse me, I’m going to get dressed to Scott’s party!

After saying that, Diego entered his apartment and closed the door.

Peter had just arrived at his house with Leah. He asked her not to call the police. As soon as Robert got at home, Peter told him what happened and he agreed to host Leah. Peter concluded by saying that they would wait for Tina to decide what to do, and then he went to prepare himself to Scott’s party.

*Official map of Dos Canes – Barsow, State of California*


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Laura Pausini

Posted by Deltanz on December 26, 2008

Some people say she screams a loy when singing! I agree, but I like it…

This Italian woman, Laura Pausini, is also very famous all over Latin America, and here, in Brazil! She sings in Italian, English and Spanish, but you can find some songs in French and Portuguese. I think that’s the reason why I like her, I always liked to hear the same song in different languages!

My favorite songs by Pausini are “Prendo Te”, “I Need Love”, “Io Canto”, “Tra Te E Il Mare” and her many versions od “La Solitudine”!

Here you can see Laura with Lara Fabiam, live in Rome!

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The Detective #11 – The Gun

Posted by Deltanz on December 21, 2008

It seemed to be an ordinary Friday at the University of Barsow. This time, Jane went to class; she arrived and went to talk to Karl, Joseph and Bill:

– Hi, guys! – Said Jane. – I’m going to Scott’s party today, but I’m not sure about his address!

– That’s not a problem anymore! – Said Joseph, giving Jane a piece of paper. – We’ve drawn a map!

– Wow, that’s nice… – Jane said and turned to Bill. – And you, British, going to the party?

– I don’t know… – Said Bill, he was a very shy student from London. Bill was supposed to spend a semester in the U.S. studying cinema, but he decided to stay there for two semesters. Even so, he did not get closer to the others.

At that moment Karl noticed Tina coming from the library and he went after her:

– Hey, Tina, I need to talk to you!

– Ok, what’s up?

– Well, there’ll be this party today…

– Oh, I know… Scott’s?

– Yep, let’s go there? – Asked Karl.

– Oh, sorry, Karl, I’ve got another plan… – Said Tina, walking towards the classroom.

– Another plan? – Continued Karl, following Tina.

– Yeah… I’ll have dinner with a friend…

– With Peter?

– No! With a person…

– Are you seeing someone else?

– No, Karl, please! It’ll be just a dinner!

– So tell me who you are going to have…

– Stop it, Karl! – Tina interrupted him and looked in his eyes. – We can discuss that later, I’ve gotta go now!

Diego was late, as usual, his entrance called Monica’s attention, she was next to David, and they made a few comments during the morning. Beatrice was also late, she sat next to Daniel. Peter made an effort not to look at her during the classes, but he could not stop looking around, waiting for Mathew’s arrival. For Tina’s and Peter’s great disappointment, Mathew did not show up. So they both got together after the classes.

– That’s amazing, just when we need to talk to Mathew, he disappears! – Said Peter.

– Yeah, try to see him tonight, at Scott’s! – Suggested Tina.

– Yeah, good idea… Aren’t you coming?

– No, I’m not, I’ve got better plans… – Said Tina, when she saw Karl. – Oh, no, Karl is coming, I don’t wanna talk to him, I’m gonna do my final paper in the library and I forgot my cell phone at home, so I think I won’t be able to talk to you any soon! Bye!

– Ok, then… I call you tomorrow, bye! – Said Peter, but Tina was too far, he thought she was not able to listen to him anymore. When he turned back, Karl was already leaving, David and Monica were also distant. When Peter decided to sit down in front of the classroom, he saw one of his nicest professors coming towards him:

– Hi, Peter! – Said Professor Thompson, who teaches Cinematography. He was considered crazy by many of his students. They used to tell that Professor Thompson put fire at his own house when he was young, just because he was filming a movie about an arsonist, and he wanted it to look real.

– Hi, Professor Thompson, how are you? – Peter asked.

– I’m pretty fine, have you seen your colleague, David Marshall? – Questioned Professor Thompson.

– Oh, he’s just left, Professor… – Answered Peter. – Why?

– Nothing too important, I would just ask him if he had already shot the scenes with my gun…

– Gun? – Asked Peter, surprised.

– Yes, he is filming a movie, and he asked for a gun… – Said Professor Thompson. – It seems the movie was about a murder, I’m not sure! Anyway, I will talk to him next class! Bye, Peter!

– Bye, Professor Thompson… – Said Peter, astonished, looking at his professor as he left the campus.

*Directions to Scott’s house made by Joseph*


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Lost – New Promo

Posted by Deltanz on December 19, 2008

A new Lost promo! This one features Jack and Ben, very interesting!

I just love this show! January is coming!!

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